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This is the website of the Agostini - DiMauro Atomic Physics Research Group. Our group focuses on interaction between atoms and intense laser pulses on an atomic timescale (attoseconds). Our work is supported by the Department of Energy, The National Science Foundation and The Ohio State University.

The Group is active in both theory and experiment in ultra-fast atomic physics. Our laboratories at OSU were established in 2004. The laboratories feature three state-of-the-art ultra-fast laser systems (800nm 30fs, 2um 50fs, 3.6um 100fs). A fourth Laser system (2um OPCPA) is currently under development. The facilities have two target rooms with several experiment chambers. Our experiments also extend to the AMO fascilities at the Linac Coherent Light Source at SLAC. Our collaborators include: Univeristy of Michigan, Universität Jena , The Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and Argonne National Labs